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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Terrorists from Scandinavia to Jordan

In a statement of the obvious the Swedish PM states that he thinks Sweden is not necessarily immune to terrorism.
Swedish Prime Minister Göran Persson has said that Sweden should not consider itself immune to terrorist attacks like those which struck Jordan this week.

"I do not rule out Sweden also becoming a target for terrorists. That's why we are taking the initiative to strengthen the tools at the police's disposal," he said.
He further says, of terrorism,
The Prime Minister called the attacks in Jordan "a further expression of the misery terrorism represents".
Now I'm not quite sure what that means, if anything. It's pretty open as to whose misery, but anyway,
"It is faceless violence which can strike anywhere among unprotected civilians, creating death, confusion and uncertainty in order to undermine the legitimacy of the state and democracy. It is an evil form of warfare which must be fought."
Well, it ain't exactly faceless and as for the "legitimacy of democracy" in Jordan that is a pretty dubious concept. But old Göran is probably a bit more concerned about the antics of Swedes just recently,
A Swedish teenager who is being held in Sarajevo suspected of terrorist offences has been identified by Bosnian police as a radical Islamist known by the code-name Maximus.

The 18-year old has had email contact with three men arrested in Britain suspected of planning an attack on the White House, police sources in the Bosnian capital told weekly newspaper Slobodna Bosna.

“There is definitely a link between Sweden, Denmark and Britain,” said Mirsad Fasic, a journalist at Slobodna Bosna.

“In the computer that was taken from the apartment rented by the Swede and the Dane with Turkish ancestry, there were pictures of the White House and films about bomb-making,” Fasic added.

The Swede and the 19-year old Dane were arrested in Sarajevo on 19th October. A belt of the type used by suicide bombers was one of the objects found in their flat. Police also found guns and 30 kilograms of explosives.

Seven people have since been arrested in Denmark, and three in the UK. They had had email contact with a Swedish Islamist known as Maximus – now known to be the 18-year old.
These guys have been suspected of planning to blow up something in Bosnia, then an Israeli-Danish football match in Denmark and now they've moved up to the White House. So what they are actually after is a bit hazy, but they have the means and intent so it is risky to say the least to pretend these nice cosy countries are somehow "immune" because they tried their bestest to not be associated with Texan cowboys (well, apart from the Danes).

Meanwhile this dodgy article in the Swedish paper of note reckons the Jordanian attacks are a blow to the war on terrorism,
These attacks show that President George W Bush's "We fight them in Iraq so that we don't need to fight them somewhere else" is doubtful, says Ivan Eland, an expert in defence politics with the Independent Institute in Washington.

"The conflict in Iraq creates more Islamic hate and contributes to training and combat experience among people who now attack Great Britain, Spain, Jordan and other places."
The point seems to have been missed that Jordan was already under attack before this, with the assassination of an American diplomat in 2002 (you know before Iraq) attributed to Zarqawi. He was in prison in Jordan long ago for conspiring to overthrow the monarchy and establish a Caliphate (sound familiar?), and sentenced to death for conspiracy to murder. As for Spain, it was opportunistically attacked to influence an election and divide one side of a war. The argument appears to be that war should only be made when the risk is so low there is no danger to yourself, but then the circumstances would then imply war would be unnecessary. The above analysis by Eland seems worthy of our own lunchtime legends.

The analysts acknowledge that Zarqawi is a Jordanian now attacking Jordanians. Granted he is an outlaw in Jordan, but still he is attacking his own fellow countrymen and religious cobelievers. It would seem more likely that he is getting a bit more desperate for targets in moving away from first US military targets, then away from Iraqi military targets to Iraqi civilians and now Jordanians. He now has managed to get Palestinians lamenting suicide attacks,
SILET AL-THAHER, West Bank - In this Palestinian village, the Akhras clan mourned 17 relatives killed by a suicide bomber in Jordan — the first time Palestinians have been a target in a suicide attack.

"Oh my God, oh my God. Is it possible that Arabs are killing Arabs, Muslims killing Muslims?" asked a weeping Najah Akhras, 35, who lost two nieces.

Similar thoughts were heard over and over in the West Bank and Gaza Strip on Thursday, as Palestinians expressed outrage over suicide attacks aimed at civilians.
There is a certain irony there in itself, but what possible use is it in attacking Palestinians? Zarqawi started out as a common gangster and is apparently none too bright either when it comes to grand strategy. He's stupidly now forcing the Palestinians and other everyday Middle-Eastern citizens to observe the effects of suicide attacks and terrorism at their own front doors, which is horrible but in the longer run counter-productive to his cause.
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Posted by Chefen | 11/12/2005 04:10:00 am