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Thursday, November 17, 2005

So Blatant, So BBC

You have to ask yourself what on earth is newsworthy about this boorish piece of BBC bias. You have read halfway down the page before you realise the report is a year old and then only because you look up and happen to see the date at the top. Funny how they manage to find an 'Iraqi' journalist who 'only reports to the BBC and Reuters.' Yeah right.

The BBC News website spoke by phone to Fadhil Badrani, an Iraqi journalist and resident of Falluja who reports regularly for Reuters and the BBC World Service in Arabic.

We are publishing his and other eyewitness accounts from the city in order to provide the fullest possible range of perspectives from those who are there:

Should read ':..........to provide the geatest possible propoganda advantage to the enemy.'

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Posted by Adolf Fiinkensein | 11/17/2005 02:56:00 am