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Friday, November 18, 2005

Battlestar Galactica returns

BSG returns to the SciFi Channel from January 6 next year, with the final 10 episodes of Series 2. Even better news: a 3rd series of 20 episodes has been confirmed.

Posted by Antarctic Lemur | 11/18/2005 01:36:00 pm


Blogger Ashley Clarkson said...

Excellent news. I can't wait for the next series of BSG to hit the market here. The movie (have it on DVD) and the series (want it on DVD) were very good remakes. Better, in my humble opinion, than the original.

11/18/2005 02:14:00 pm  
Blogger Antarctic Lemur said...

The 1st series is already out on DVD, though maybe you can only get it from Oz at the moment.

11/18/2005 04:45:00 pm  
Blogger Antarctic Lemur said...

p.s. the "remakes" are 10x better than the originals. You can watch the miniseries after the first 10 episodes of Series 2 and it still fits perfectly into the plotline. Marvellous stuff.

And like 24, its one of the few TV series to seriously address some big blogospheric issues such as torturing wannabe suicide attackers.

And the bad guys are monotheists who think force is a valid method to make everyone else follow their god.

11/18/2005 04:53:00 pm  
Blogger suze said...

OK. I'm convinced. Besides I'll need something after I finish Firefly.

Is it worth owning a copy of?

11/18/2005 05:52:00 pm  
Blogger Ashley Clarkson said...

"The 1st series is already out on DVD, though maybe you can only get it from Oz at the moment."

It's available here already, I've seen it advertised. Not sure how much though - could be ~$60

"Is it worth owning a copy of?"


11/18/2005 06:14:00 pm  
Blogger Antarctic Lemur said...

Sorry - missed the 'next'.

11/18/2005 06:24:00 pm  
Blogger Colonel Tux said...

I've got the miniseries and 1st series on dvd from whitcoulls - quite cheap two.

Must say - you have to watch firefly afterwards because of the depressing nature of bsg.

11/19/2005 11:34:00 am  
Blogger Antarctic Lemur said...

Depressing?! How can perfection like BSG be depressing.

11/19/2005 12:11:00 pm  
Blogger suze said...

You sound a little obsessed with bsg AL ;p

Next question:
Do I need to watch the bsg mini-series before the tv series?

11/19/2005 01:35:00 pm  
Blogger Antarctic Lemur said...

Yes, you do really. It introduces the key characters.

11/19/2005 02:21:00 pm  

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