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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Technical question of the day

What can't anyone select text on Sir Humphrey's at the moment? I figure it's a div not closed properly or some Javascript gone haywire, but an HTML validator (Tidy) can't find any unclosed divs.

UPDATE: Problem solved. It was caused by buggy javascript inserted into our site code when I tested Blogger's upcoming Backlinks facility.

Posted by Antarctic Lemur | 10/11/2005 07:26:00 am


Blogger Chefen said...

This'll piss you off, but I can select with IE.

10/11/2005 07:35:00 am  
Blogger JamesP said...

I can select it fine with Firefox 1.07. Some extension that I have and you don't (or vice versa)?

10/11/2005 09:14:00 am  
Blogger noizy said...

Firefox 1.0.7, and I likewise can't select.

Extensions: Adblock, Hotmail Tabs, Popup ALT Attribute, Tweak Netwirk, Gmail Notifier, About Site, BugMeNot, SpellBound, googlebar, LinkChecker, Greasemonkey, IE View, Tab Mix, Resizeable Textarea, Web Developer, Sage.

10/11/2005 09:24:00 am  
Blogger Antarctic Lemur said...

I have a fresh install of Firefox 1.07 and it isn't working for me. However I can select on the popup comments window and other websites.

10/11/2005 09:40:00 am  
Blogger Antarctic Lemur said...

Extensions: HTML Validator, PDF Download, Image Zoom.

10/11/2005 09:42:00 am  
Blogger JamesP said...

My Extensions:
Allow Right-Click, Always Remember Password, BugMeNot, DOM Inspector, Ext2Abc, Linkification, ListZilla, SpellBound, Tabbrowser Preferences, Adblock, Disable Targets for Downloads.

10/11/2005 10:20:00 am  
Blogger JamesP said...

And if I disable Allow Right-Click I can no longer select text. Problem solved?

10/11/2005 10:23:00 am  
Anonymous Steve said...

My suggestion to you... Save a copy of a page locally, then slowly strip it to bare bones. Take out all the javascript you've got in there, piece by piece.

Theres a lot of stuff you have going on in there. Also, when was the last time you know it worked and can you remember whats changed since then? The usual backtrack.

10/11/2005 11:25:00 am  
Blogger Berend de Boer said...

It isn't working for me either: Mozilla 1.7.11 on Linux 2.6.13.

10/11/2005 12:38:00 pm  
Blogger Berend de Boer said...

There's lots more wrong, visit this page: http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=http%3A%2F%2Fsirhumphreys.blogspot.com%2F&charset=%28detect+automatically%29&doctype=Inline&verbose=1

10/11/2005 12:41:00 pm  
Blogger Berend de Boer said...

It seems most of the problems disappear if you remove the link tag that appears before your head tag. Move it inside head and close it properly.

10/11/2005 12:43:00 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Is this the culprit?

10/11/2005 12:50:00 pm  
Blogger Antarctic Lemur said...

Ahh good spotting Richard. I turned off 'Backlinks' in the options, republished, and SH is back to normal I completely forgot there was a setting to accompany the code I tried out (I think I read about it on your blog).

Berend - there are heaps of validation problems with any Blogger site using "Recent Comments".

You'll be happy to know the new sirhumphreys.com site only has a few, largely misused p tags in posts imported from Blogger.

10/11/2005 01:06:00 pm  
Blogger Ashley Clarkson said...

Berend - ouch, that's a lot of errors. I wonder how much is due to blogger dodgy code?

Seems to be a Firefox problem (newly developed, too) and not with IE, so I guess it's some bit of code which has cropped up in a recent post or something which Firefox doesn't like. Either that, or you've tweaked the template and done something. ;-)

10/11/2005 01:09:00 pm  
Blogger Ashley Clarkson said...

Ah, you've solved the problem. Never mind. :-)

10/11/2005 01:10:00 pm  
Blogger Antarctic Lemur said...

Wrong Richard - I spotted backlinks oh Philosophy etc.

10/11/2005 01:23:00 pm  
Anonymous lindsay said...

Would you mind detailing exactly which javascript code caused this behaviour? I have the same problem in an internal web app.... Thanks.

10/12/2005 09:12:00 am  
Blogger Antarctic Lemur said...

It's in this file:

It seems to have a MOUSEDOWN function - would that be causing the problem? I no next to nothing about Javascript.

10/12/2005 11:17:00 am  
Anonymous lindsay said...

The mousedown event looks like it should return the correct value (true) in usual cases. I don't know enough about the framework to see why it stopped selection entirely on that page. Anyway thanks for the reference.

10/12/2005 11:58:00 am  

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