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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Spot the difference

Somewhere in the middle east:
Nabil Shaath, a Palestinian negotiator, said Bush told him God talks to him.

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has refuted Shaath's account of a meeting with US President George Bush.

Meanwhile at Frog Blog:
They'd say that wouldn't they. This is overwhelming proof that Bush is out of his tree.

Now spot the difference in this hypothetical situation:

Somewhere in Wellington:
Peter Dunne has just announced that Jeanette Fitzsimons told him the Trees tell her what to do.

It was expected that the Green party leader Rod Donald would refute the accusation (but he would, wouldn't he). Jeanette could not be contacted today as she was out communing with nature.

Now why do you think the Greens are so happy to believe Nabil Shaath, political foe of the Bush administration, but would automatically suggest you could hardly trust Mr Dunne to say nice accurate things about the Greens?

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Posted by ZenTiger | 10/09/2005 11:15:00 am