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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Left & Lefter a.k.a Dumb & Dumber

The Swedish Left party and the new Feminist Initiative (formerly masquerading as nonpartisan but now lying somewhere to the left of Uncle Joe) are doing their level best to reduce the left in Sweden to a national joke.

The ailing Left Party has proposed a series of equality-related initiatives in an attempt to prise the issue the from the hands of the Feminist Initiative.

The party is suggesting the establishment of a Ministry for Equality and a state agency to oversee equality issues. The Left Party is also demanding that all organisations which receive state funding have a "gender power perspective" regarding distribution.
When you want some more votes, propose some stupid Ministry for Titting Around In People's Lives. I'd laugh but these idiots are deadly serious and would make Orwell cringe. Just what does equality entail? Well,
However, the party proposed a "national cost calculation" of men's violence against women, as well as a treatment programme to encourage men to take responsibility for their violence.
The leader of the Feminist Initiative made a fool of herself by proposing a "man tax" last year. Seems that the idea hasn't gone away. Freaking socialist idiots. What else?
The "gender perspective" requirements placed on organisations and associations depending upon state financing would mean that any money received and work carried out would have to be divided equally between men and women.
Good luck with that one, although it would have the beneficial side-effect of crippling so many state agencies that government would be reduced by proxy. Unfortunately they also want to kill off normal business, like the Norwegians are doing
Listed and state-owned companies should have boards where neither sex accounts for less than 40% of the members. And female innovators and entrepreneurs should be given the same opportunities as their male counterparts.
It must be hard coming up with ridiculous proposals all day and being paid to do so out of the pocket of the nation. Do you reckon they see any connection with their dropping polls and this sort of dumbarsery?
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