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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Iraqi National Assembly dilutes power of voters in next weeks referendum

Spotted on NRT, but I prefer Omar of Iraq The Model's take:
The Iraqi National Assembly took a very worrisome step by abolishing the value of Iraqis’ votes in the upcoming referendum through giving two different interpretations of the word “voter” in the law that will govern the referendum and decide whether the draft constitution is ratified or not.
The change that was introduced lately by the Assembly would call the draft constitution ratified if more than 50% of actual voters voted with “yes” but in another sentence in the same rule which states that the draft constitution would be considered rejected if two thirds of the voters in three provinces voted with “no” the word “voters” was interpreted as registered voters not actual voters.
Well, they have one week to change it back to actual voters.

Idiot's source at the BBC doesn't mention that 50% of actual voters must pass it, and tagged on at the end is an off-topic little opinion piece:
With growing Sunni-Shia tension ahead of the vote, analysts say the tactical alliance between Shia religious parties and the Kurds looks in danger of unravelling.
If analysts say it, it must be true. Why can't the BBC just stick to reporting the news?

Here's my off-topic section - Iraqi's graduated from a mini-NCO school (note woman at centre-back):

Posted by Antarctic Lemur | 10/05/2005 05:22:00 am