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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Excellent new Blog

Thanks to David Farrar for pointing me to this new blog Nga Korero o te Wa. Adam Gifford is the man behind the blog which provides commentary on matters Maori and is a pretty good way for us rabid righties to get a look at what is really going on and going down in Maoridom, as distinct from what our dear friends in the MSM might have us believe.

I managed to track Mr Gifford down today and had a brief telephone chat with him. He is a professional journalist and he certainly seems to know his way around Maoridom. I think Sir Humphrey's readers will enjoy his views and his writing although we might not always agree with them.

AL, can we please have a link to Nga Korero on our blog roll?

Welcome Adam and best of luck with your blog. I look forward to regular incursions thereon.

Update: Go see fascinating commentary on Ngapuhi (Up North) fisheries settlement. Seems Te Bros have the same trouble with lazy, sensationalist, never mind the truth just get the story MSM that good honest right wing bloggers do.
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He seems very up with the play.

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