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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Deborah Manning confused on Zaoui 'go home'

Algeria has committed to another peace plan which hopefully will see Ahmed Zaoui on the next plane out of here.
Last month Algerians voted overwhelmingly to approve a peace plan granting amnesty to many of the country's Islamic extremists, an attempt to turn the page on a brutal insurgency that has left an estimated 150,000 dead.
Yet Zaoui's lawyer, Deborah Manning, said the amnesty did not offer him protection. Why?
It's not going to be safe for Mr Zaoui to go back to Algeria because this amnesty essentially applies for military generals and is giving them impunity for the gross human rights abuses that they committed in the last decade.

These are the people who threatened Mr Zaoui and if anything they have been given more impunity.
Of course, Zaoui says the amnesty was shallow and lacked consultation. Keith Locke agreed. Well, he would.

But what of this claim by Manning that the amnesty is for military generals? She's wrong. The amnesty applies to Islamic extremists, not the government backed military. The article says so. In any event, it makes sense that it applies to the extremists as the government backed military essentially started it all in 1992 when it cancelled a second round of voting in the elections to stop a likely victory by the fundamentalist Islamic Salvation Front (FIS). This led to the extremists taking part in beheadings, massacres and insurgency. The government has now granted an immunity to these people. Zaoui can go home. He is immune from state sanction. It can't apply to the military as that would be the state granting immunity to itself!

The other point is, the amnesty offer excludes Islamists who committed massacres, rapes or bomb attacks in public places. Zaoui can't use this as an excuse not to go as it would admit involvement in these Islamic extremist events. A claim he has consistently, and weakly, denied.
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Posted by Gooner | 10/04/2005 10:01:00 pm


Blogger Blair said...

I simply follow the maxim "any enemy of the French is my friend". French intelligence is 100% responsible for Zaoui's original security certificate. The SIS have been trying to kick him out entirely on the advice of the very people who commited an act of terrorism in New Zealand.

And as I have said before, even if Zaoui was planning to blow things up in Algeria, it's not like he could organise anything here in New Zealand, since everybody now knows who he is.

10/05/2005 01:59:00 am  
Blogger Gooner said...

'even if Zaoui was planning to blow things up in Algeria, it's not like he could organise anything here in New Zealand, since everybody now knows who he is'.

So? Simply because he might be nullified doesn't mean he should stay. Buggar off I say.

10/05/2005 08:50:00 am  

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