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Monday, September 05, 2005

Sweden slowly tilting right

The Swedish opposition block makes further headway a year out from the polls. Reinfeldt "wins TV battle". Remarkable that the media, which is usually heavily Social Democrat, conceded victory to the opposition (for all that it's worth in televised debate). Unlike NZ, it seems being rude to the females is generally OK
One aspect of Persson’s performance that has provoked criticism was when he turned his back on Maud Olofsson while she was criticising the government on unemployment.

Persson defended himself afterwards in an interview, saying he was just stretching his legs.

“It’s hard to stay still for a whole hour at my age,” he said.

But according to Expressen’s Per Wendell, his behaviour only “strengthens the picture of a self-important Persson.”
Still I guess it's a better excuse than "by definition I cannot turn my back, she must have walked round me".

Posted by Chefen | 9/05/2005 11:54:00 pm