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Friday, September 09, 2005

Outright Lies #4

The Greens are claiming the EB brochures are filled with outright lies. I'm having a lookn at the claims, one by one, to see how the EB may have formed their opinion.

Outright Lie #4: Support the Kyoto protocol - the one billion dollar bungle.

Well, I can't imagine the Greens saying they do not support Kyoto. It's the one billion dollar bungle they can't stomach. You see, instead of spending a billion dollars on paying taxes to the offshore bank accounts in Kyoto (that's another $1,000 per year per family I think), the Greens are insistent that all of their changes they want to implement can be (1) implemented before the taxes fall due (2) their Green conversion policies will be fully supported by Labour (3) implementation of these policies will not cost the tax payer any additional money (and they are squeezed into the Cullen budget - see point 2).

Frankly, I think they are a little naive if they think they can hit three for three. The most sensible thing would be to resign from Kyoto and have a policy to convince Labour or National to allocate 1 billion per year towards Kyoto targets.

Verdict: Guilty of stupidity
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Posted by ZenTiger | 9/09/2005 11:56:00 am