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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Clark leaked lies to the SST after she'd read both the PCA and Robinson Reports

On or around the 10th January, Clark told SST reporter Oskar Alley that Constable Main had approached Peter Doone's car with a breath-test device visible and that Peter Doone had told the Constable "that won't be necessary".

Page 12 of Oskar Alley's Brief of Evidence (CLICK TO ENLARGE):

But in his Brief of Evidence, Constable Main says he cannot recall if he was carrying the breath test device (Paragraph 21):
I know I had the sniffer with me but I can't remember whether it was in my hand or my pocket. When I got out of my car, I had no intention of breath testing anyone at that stage. I only grabbed the sniffer from the car in case I needed it.
Other witnesses

The Robinson Report contains statements from two other witnesses- Constable Robert Andrew Masters and 17 yr old student Jonathan James Cox. Neither mention seeing a breath-test device in Constable Main's hand. Neither does Constable Haldane, who stayed in the Police car while Constable Main talked with Peter Doone.

Peter Doone's account

In the evidentiary section of the Robinson Report (pg14), Doone stated he didn't see any breath test device (CLICK TO ENLARGE):
The "that won't be necessary" statement

In the evidentiary section of the Robinson Report, Constable Main says Peter Doone said this to him:
"we'll be on our way"
Other witnesses and Peter Doone contradict the account of Constable Main. This will be the topic of a separate post. However Clark confirmed an obviously incorrect statement to the SST.


Clark lied about two substantial facts to the Sunday Star Times reporter:
  1. The first was saying Constable Main was holding a breat-tester in his hand as he approached the Police car. Clark had the PCA and Robinson Report by this stage, neither of which states Constable Main was carrying a breath-test device in his hand.
  2. The second was confirming a fabricated quote from Doone, which implies Doone was directly interfering in the duties of Constable Main. Again, Clark had the PCA and Robinson Report by this stage, neither of which contain this quote.
Clark reconfirms the lies to the Sunday Star-Times

According to the briefs of evidence of SST editor Sue Chetwin and SST reporter Oskar Alley, Clark confirmed the above lies to them at least three times before publication of the SST article on January 16 2000.

The subsequent SST headline

SUNDAY STAR TIMES, 16 JAN 2000, Edition A, Page 1
Doone case cop was ready to breath-test
Full SST article here.

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