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Friday, September 02, 2005

Bye bye Winston

Hey, sweet bro. What else can one say? Winston thinks it's the media's fault. They must have organised the 'rogue' poll and printed lies.

But even as his 21 year grip on the electorate looks shaky, Peters is dismissing the poll and instead attacking the media.
"Here's the deal. When you're wrong on election night will you resign? Will your management resign? Will any of you people ever resign when you get it wrong? No, you never do."
What's wrong with reporting a poll conducted by Colmar Brunton?

Rodney Hide says it all:

"There's a big groundswell of support for the National Party and it's going to be close and anything we can do to help Mr Clarkson win the seat, we will do.... We want Winston Peters out of parliament,' Hide says.
This couldn't have helped Winnie.

There's some good golf courses in Tauranga, Winston. Might see you on the 1st tee on September 18?

One News at 10:50pm. Winnie was in good spirits and so was Bob Clarkson. Colin James says Winston allowed himself to think in May he was number 3 and lost his 'knitting'. He pretended to be a real player and wasn't. National looking shut out though. Oh, Colin James says Labour has a good candidate in Epsom and watch out for him. Hah! I heard Nash in a meeting. He wasn't that flash, at all.
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Posted by Gooner | 9/02/2005 09:09:00 pm


Blogger Bernard Woolley said...

Don't be silly, he'll have a hangover on the 18th - win or lose :)

9/02/2005 10:03:00 pm  

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