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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hey teacher, f-you

Homeschooling, definitely homeschooling, when the time comes...
A secondary school is to allow pupils to swear at teachers - as long as they don't do so more than five times in a lesson. A running tally of how many times the f-word has been used will be kept on the board. If a class goes over the limit, they will be 'spoken' to at the end of the lesson.
Or, why not make the number zero and give the shits a detention for every instance?
The astonishing policy, which the school says will improve the behaviour of pupils, was condemned by parents' groups and MPs yesterday. They warned it would backfire.
Well, who would think that parents had any idea about how kids behave?

Pupils allowed to swear at a teacher five times and then be spoken to. Who really thinks that a class that can swear at the teacher will take any notice of a "speaking to"? Next week, you can hit your teacher, but only twice a day and not with anything bigger than a brick.
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Posted by Chefen | 8/31/2005 05:43:00 pm


Blogger Bernard Woolley said...

And only after that will teachers be allowed to tape their hands to the desk, stuff tennis balls in their mouths, and stick the ... where the sun don't shin.e

8/31/2005 06:22:00 pm  
Blogger reid said...

The policy makers who do this aren't stupid, no-one could be that stupid. They're doing it on purpose. In order to induce enervated children who grow up to become the generation we see around us.

Would you trust this generation the same way you could trust the WWII generation? We haven't got better, quite the opposite. It's not by accident.

8/31/2005 07:13:00 pm  
Blogger Chaucey said...

If I was sworn at at work I wouldn't put up with it. So I wouldn't expect a teacher to put up with it either.

9/01/2005 03:40:00 pm  

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