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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Comment of the day

Comment of the day is from a Classical Values thread about an article in Time
Blaming the President for bad weather used to be a joke. Now, they're doing it with a straight face. Satire is becoming impossible as every possible reductio ad absurdam becomes a "mainstream" position.
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Posted by Chefen | 8/30/2005 05:54:00 pm


Blogger Berend de Boer said...

It is so true that satire is becoming impossible.

Rush Limbaugh does fantastic pseudo-commercials, but of late people have been calling in to report they got really angered by some commercial from MoveOn or a group like that, and it appeared that they had listened to Rush pseudo-commercials, and believed it was real. There was even a columnist who mistook a commercial of Rush for real.

Some examples:



The lunatics have left the asylum.

8/30/2005 08:16:00 pm  

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