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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Socialists at the Dominion Post

Here's a large wallop of ridiculous, and blatantly socialist, bias from the Fairfax Dominion Post:
Children would do better at school if bulk funding were reintroduced and parents had more choice, says a visiting Harvard University economist.

Caroline Hoxby said that New Zealand had a real problem with the gap between children doing well and those who were not.

"By developed countries' standards New Zealand is doing fine, but not superbly. We would hope to get a closing of that gap."

Prof Hoxby has been brought to the country by right-wing lobby group Education Forum. She gave a public talk in Wellington about competition between schools and public school funding.
The taxpayer still foots the bill under a bulk-funding scheme, so what makes this group right-wing? The desire to empower local school Boards of Trustees and Principals and remove control from Wellington centrists? Thats a funny definition of 'right-wing'. You'd have to be nearer in the political specturm to Fidel Castro than mainstream New Zealand to think that way.

How about from now on the Dominion Post describes every single union, Labour and Green Party-affiliated organisation as a "left-wing lobby group". Ha. As if.

Or maybe we should just assume any group described in neutral terms by the DomPost is "left-wing".

Way to go - losers.
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Posted by Antarctic Lemur | 7/02/2005 09:48:00 am