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Friday, July 01, 2005

Better Off With Liars and Cheats?

This morning's Herald carries a pretty ho hum report on the latest NBR poll which, like others, demonstrates the Cullender's ability to change confidence into despair - it's the same technique he used to make a surplus disappear. Quite boring really until you get toward the end of the piece and then WHAMO

It is also about to launch an advertising campaign under the slogan You're Better Off With Labour.

Surely this can't be true. Why, it was only two or three weels ago that this slogan was appearing on bus stop shelters and was deemed to be so politically neutral that it was being funded by Parliamentary Services. All $90,000 worth.

I hope those who have their finger on the right pulse make sure that this bunch of liars, cheats and embezzlers called Labour is made to pay back every last penny of my money which they stole for this little stunt.
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Posted by Adolf Fiinkensein | 7/01/2005 08:36:00 am