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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Are opposite circadian rhythms a sign of mate attractiveness?

Most of you will be aware your body operates on a daily time cycle, with highs and lows of mental performance throughout the day. It's common to hear people describe themselves as a 'morning person' or an 'evening person'. This cycle is called a circadian rhythm.

My theory: varying circadian rhythms between individuals is an evolutionary adaption which allows us to be more productive in social groupings.

Here's a testable hypothesis: People are attracted to mates with different circadian rhythm cycles.

The logic being: a couple is more productive if one is an early riser, and the other a late nighter.

What I'd like to know from readers: Did your 'mate' have a similar or different preferred time of day when you first met them?

Oh, and here's the article which provoked this post:
Shooting Down the Breakfast Club - Why you shouldn't wake your kids up to eat their Wheaties.

Posted by Antarctic Lemur | 6/22/2005 05:47:00 am


Blogger Berend de Boer said...

Hypothesis: true in my case.

6/22/2005 07:45:00 am  
Blogger Lucyna said...

My mate is similiar, we both like to sleep in and go to bed late. One of my children is like us - the other is an early riser.

6/22/2005 10:40:00 am  
Blogger Theprophet said...

I'm a stay up late and rise early. My wife is a stay up late rise late. Mind you very small children make a mockery of our plans.

Allah protect us.

6/22/2005 01:43:00 pm  
Blogger Cathy Odgers said...

Regardless of alcohol consumption or length of sleep, I am a grump shit in the morning. If I am woken before it is natural then this mood continues all day.

No relationship I have ever had with a "morning person" has lasted past the first day for this reason.

Morning people suck.

6/22/2005 02:59:00 pm  
Blogger Antarctic Lemur said...

No trend that I can see, but then maybe blogreaders tend to be latenighters anyway. Damn, a fatal flaw in my methodology.

6/22/2005 07:12:00 pm  
Blogger David said...

I'm irregular depending on the climate, the number of hours of light, socialising etc. So was my ex.

I'm a big believer in getting up without mechanical or electronic assistance. Unless I have an early morning airline flight then I'm in bed till at least the sun comes up. A dog I owned used to assist with this... sunrise meant time for a walk and it was physically impossible to lie in due to an excess of dog enthusiasm. In a northern hemisphere summer this meant 7am, in winter it meant 9am. Luckily I could vary my work hours.

6/23/2005 12:41:00 am  

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