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Saturday, April 09, 2005

When Political Correctness attacks

Rodney Hide posed with a Chinese copy of an AK-47, and predictably the peaceniks and Barry Soper attacked.

Newstalk ZB's Political Editor Soper said 'it is a strange look for a party leader to adopt in an election year and is very un-PC.'

Newsflash Barry, that was probably the intention. Not everyone walks around looking for approval from pacifist New Zealanders.

The Herald went out of its way to get substantial quotes from leftwing nutjob Marion Hancock on Hides gun-holding. Aaron Bhatnagar has the background.

And Greg Stephens recently asked what PC means. After receiving a large number of comments, it appears he is ignoring the substance of what they said; his last comment tries to portray his commenters as only having juvenile criticisms of his writing style. Hmm. Good one Greg.

Posted by Antarctic Lemur | 4/09/2005 01:32:00 pm


Blogger Greg Stephens said...

Some of them are very much 'juvenile criticisms'
Many of the comments are also particularly weird and unusual.
And no one seems to be able to provide a definite decision on what it is. Which is part of the problem really.

4/09/2005 04:29:00 pm  
Blogger Antarctic Lemur said...

As I said in the comments to your post, 'PC' is quite a broad term. But basically it refers to requiring someone conform to a political ideal. You could extend it further to saying 'PC' is an attempt to brand as immoral political ideas which are in opposition to 'progressive' ideas.

For example Hides recent 'unPC' brandishing of a gun directly contradicts the cherished progressive delusion that weapons are always evil, and that the context of who owns/holds the gun has no effect on its being considered evil. People like you wish to brand Hide immoral or otherwise breaching some social standard even though the gun fair was completely legal and many NZers think we should be able to defend ourselves with guns.

I will write a long explanatory post later. Don't have time until after Tues.

4/09/2005 04:56:00 pm  

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