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Friday, April 15, 2005

What the pollsters say about political correctness

From the latest 3 News-TNS poll, an additional question was asked: "John Tamihere has criticised the Labour Party and its leadership for being too politically correct. Do you agree or disagree with him?"

Total Labour
% %
Strongly agree 37 16
Somewhat agree 24 25
Total agree 61 41
Neither / nor 5 6
Somewhat disagree 17 31
Strongly disagree 9 14
Total disagree 26 45
Don’t know 8 9
Base 1000 375
I think 'Labour' means the number of decided Labour voters.

As you can see, 61% of all responders strongly or somewhat agreed that Labour is too politically correct. Even 41% of Labour voters thought the same.

UPDATE @ 12:55AM: The definition of political correctness from the American Heritage Dictionary:

politically correct
adj. Abbr. PC
  1. Of, relating to, or supporting broad social, political, and educational change, especially to redress historical injustices in matters such as race, class, gender, and sexual orientation.
  2. Being or perceived as being overconcerned with such change, often to the exclusion of other matters.

Posted by Antarctic Lemur | 4/15/2005 11:41:00 pm


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For a balanced and reasonable look at PC, I recommend to other readers their recent addition to the blogroll:

Political Correctness Watch

It's good.


Of course, if you're a smarmy tosser who's trying very very hard to become popular and competent then you won't be at all amused.

4/16/2005 12:31:00 am  
Blogger Antarctic Lemur said...

Reid is talking about this post:

4/16/2005 01:02:00 am  

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