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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Understanding Mana and Utu

Hindsight is always easy so I’m going to take the hard road and have a go at forecasting rather than doing what the Meat and Wool Economic Service used to do which was sagely predict future trends by telling us what we could see already with our own eyes.

I have come to the conclusion that Labour is facing electoral defeat and that historians will lay the genesis of the defeat fairly and squarely at the feet of Helen Clark. The initial instrument of defeat will be seen to be the remarkable success of the Maori Party whose breaking of Labour’s apparent hold on the trump card of “The Maori Vote” has opened the door for the National infantry and artillery to march on through to ultimate victory.

The rot started for Labour because Helen Clerk does not understand how to properly and respectfully deal with Maori people. She lost the Maori vote on the day of the Foreshore and Seabed hikoi. She lost it by refusing to meet the people and by palming off her responsibility for so doing onto a junior minister. Worse still, she made sure her PR machine let it be known widely that she had gone to visit with a sheep in Central Otago. A cheap sheep photo opportunity was more important to this PM than hearing from her hitherto loyal Maori constituents – and she made sure they knew it. This was the ultimate insult to the mana of the people.

Little did she know it but on that day she also created the debacle that is the present day Caucus and Party Machine, staggering around with its guts dragging on the ground, laid open by a vengeful Tamihere, still smarting from the personal ignominy dished out by his leader when she made him stand IN FRONT OF HIS OWN PEOPLE and take the heat she was not prepared to face. Maori people do not have a history of rewarding cowardice with continuing office. So, while Helen swanned off to talk to a sheep, Tamihere was hung out to dry for over an hour. That would have wounded him deeply.. Oh yes, Helen Clark totally underestimated a proud people’s need for utu.

Even on a subliminal level, she hasn’t got a clue. Every time she opens her mouth she insults Maoridom with her appalling mis-pronunciation of their melodically evocative and simple language. I cringe every time I hear her talk about Mor uu ree instead of Mar or rr ree, or Tammer Heary instead of Tar Mi He rr e. It’s not difficult to learn correct pronunciation, but you can’t do it if your don’t care or you are too lazy. Maori people are realising they have been had.

Of course, the knock on effect of this enormous Prime Ministerial failing has been to give the National Party and it’s members a chance to see that the impenetrable defences of Labour actually are paper thin. Their confidence has taken a huge boost and suddenly they realise they can win, early election or not. For the first time in quite a few years, National people have their tails up because they actually have belief in their ability to win.

Come the election, Labour will be the Queer Slack Caps and National/Act/Maori will walk over them just like an Aussie cricket team.

A lover of alliteration sometimes given to pedantry, and whose prejudices have been carefully refined over nearly six decades, AF is a paid up but inactive member of the National Party. He could no more vote labour than suck on a cake of carbolic soap. His antecedents go back through Ngati Whanaungu and Ngati Paoa to a chap by the name of Te Ika o te Waruki and he has affinity with Ngati Hine. Other antecedents include General Sir Duncan Cameron so AF reasonably can take the piss out of everyone except Asians who, being inscrutable, have no sense of humour.

Posted by Adolf Fiinkensein | 4/19/2005 02:35:00 pm


Blogger Antarctic Lemur said...

I'd say the apathy with Labour is wider than just Maori voters.

My questions are:

1. How many polled Labour voters won't actually turn out on election day, or will swing to Greens/Maori Party when it gets closer to the date?

2. How many 'undecideds' are actually in the midst of deciding which Right party to vote for (like myself), rather than splitting equally Right and Left?

4/19/2005 02:53:00 pm  
Blogger ZenTiger said...

Good report Adolf. It could go that way, but I'm continually amazed at how much crap the average punter is prepared to take before thinking about changing their vote.

Still, if Antarctic Lemur is right, perhaps voter apathy will save us, providing it doesn't also strike on the right too.

"I would have voted but no-one phoned."

4/19/2005 05:49:00 pm  
Blogger Bernard Woolley said...

Speaking of voter apathy, interesting article on TV3 news tonight about the youth vote in the UK election. They estimate that there are around 3m youth voters that are too apathetic to vote. I wonder what the numbers are like here, and if there are any means such as blogging and texting to get them more interested and involved in our upcoming election?

4/19/2005 07:23:00 pm  
Anonymous Mike Readman said...

I guess H1 didn't learn much about the Maori side of politics at uni, which just is more proof of her vacant mind, unless they didn't teach it, which is quite odd as they've had the Maori seats in NZ for long enough.

4/20/2005 01:26:00 am  

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