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Friday, April 15, 2005

Talk Back Trembling Lips

In a complete reversal of commercial reality, Tommy Hairix has been reminded by Dominatrix that he is supposed to be taking a sickie because she needs some stress relief. According to DPF his radio talk back debut has been postponed, due to overdosing on vitamins H1 and H2.


This will come back to bite Dominatrix on the bottie if the radio station quickly gets itself into gear and put's up a well trained understudy who get's right all JT's speech inflections and the shrill little high laugh. They could really carve the Smarmy Army to bits and in the process shove their ratings through the roof, all the way to the election..

Poor old Dominatrix could do nothing more than grit her already heavily ground tusks because at least she could have kept the real JT under her thumb, more or less. I hope the understudy is already being groomed.

Could make for some real sport at Question Time.

RH Can the Prime Minister confirm reports from radio talkback that a close and trusted confidante and member of the Wimmin's Division has been seen 'en flagrante' in the arms of a red blooded heterosexual? Does she consider these reports to be damaging to the Labour Party's hard won image of feminist/lesbian solidarity and to its prospects for re-election?

UPDATE by AL @ 11:03PM: Link fixed.

Posted by Adolf Fiinkensein | 4/15/2005 12:46:00 pm