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Friday, April 22, 2005

Russians Can Not Face Up to the Past

Russians have a very selective view of history, especially where they are concerned. Alot of it has probably got to do with the information available to the average Russian, and how much of it was based on what Soviet Russia wanted her citizens to think rather than what actually happened.

The number of Russian dead during the Great Patriotic War is of course a number that is ingrained into each Russian's soul. Those evil Nazis who warred on us and killed 27 million Russians while we were doing nothing at all except just, well, being Russians. Oh yeah and that invasion of Poland and annexation of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia that we engaged in, well we were just liberating them.

Rice plays two-faced game with Russia
Despite her smiles and careful words in Moscow, Rice's visit to Lithuania on Thursday and George W. Bush's planned visit to Latvia next month are particularly stinging to Russians, amid their preparations for the 60th anniversary of the defeat of Hitler.

The Baltic countries see the end of World War II as the beginning of 50 years of unwelcome Soviet annexation, and their resentment remains so high that the U.S. Congress may pass a resolution demanding that Russia call its presence in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia illegal occupation.

Russia, meanwhile, views victory over Nazism as its greatest feat of the 20th century, one that came at the loss of a staggering 27 million Soviet lives, and one that nearly every Russian recalls with pride and emotion even now. The Baltic refusal to share in this sense of victory comes as a deep and incomprehensible blow.
And here's some post WW2 selective history : How the West Sacrificed Liberation for Confrontation

Posted by Lucia Maria | 4/22/2005 04:05:00 pm


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Awesome. I enjoy your blog.

4/22/2005 06:11:00 pm  
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Thanks, Anonymous!

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