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Thursday, April 07, 2005

On the spines of Speakers

Back in the old days, the Speaker had a little more spine. Maybe appointing one of Helen's inexperienced chums as Speaker wasn't such a good idea; her predecessor had several decades of Parliamentary experience.
Ron Mark: Is the public expected to accept that, under this Labour Government, local citizens will be increasingly required to patrol our streets at night to keep towns, like Kaitaia, safe; and on that basis can they expect more people, like Darrin Greer—Kaitaia’s Black Power chapter leader—being appointed to community patrols, and consequently more young men being beaten to death, as reported in the Weekend Herald of 14-15 June 2003?

Hon GEORGE HAWKINS: I am pleased with police numbers, and one need only look back to when that member’s leader was part of the previous National Government. It proposed a—

Mr SPEAKER: A question was asked and that question should be answered.
UPDATE @ 11:44PM: Looks like Margaret has been listening to her critics. Today she kicked out five MP's, including Bill English, Mr Smarmy, The Tosser, Lianne Dalziel and David Cunliffe. You'll notice that those last four MP's are all Labourites.

UPDATE @ 1:23AM: But Rodney Hide has identified Margaret siding with the Sneaky One.

UPDATE @ 1:55AM: Metcalph has Cullen's weird Jedi imitation [If you're wondering, I checked the Uncorrected Transcripts and the weird exchange was at the end of Question 6 on 7th April].

Posted by Antarctic Lemur | 4/07/2005 07:26:00 pm