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Sunday, April 17, 2005

The New Zealand Media Bias Wars

The opening shots have been fired in the Labour/MSM versus bloggers New Zealand Media Bias Wars. The speed with which the action commenced was unexpected, well at least by me.

As with all wars, some strange alliances are formed, characterised by the adage “my enemy’s enemy is my friend.” So it is that I find myself congratulating phil u on a fine piece if analysis in his criticism of pseudo blogger Russell Brown. In his own unpunctuated way he has said evrything I would have wished to say.

Accordingly, I have spent half an hour punctuating his piece for those who can’t handle long text messages and with full kudos and acknowledgement to phil, here it is. Oh BTW, official Bullshit Rating for Russell Brown and the Plump Pontificater – 9/2,9,10,12 [AL: the confusing MBR will be sorted out soon, I promise].

From the original whoar.co.nz post, edited for ease-of-reading:
Good grief, I just saw Russell Brown and Kerry Woodham on Saturday breakfast talking about the Tamihere beat-up.

When asked, “Did the media do a good job?” Brown said yes; that all they really had to do in this case was spectate(?)

He was then asked, “Was that all they really needed to do in this case?”. Both Brown and Woodham nodded vigorously..

When pushed further and asked, “Didn’t the media have a role in interpreting what went on behind the scenes?”…Brown swerved into pundit mode,(lowering of the voice, sage nods and all), saying, “……the decision finally made was, of course, the right one politically….blah, blah, blah.”

Excuse me Russell, you all bloody got it totally wrong on almost every level, every day. You and everyone else were frothing on about there being no other option but for Tamihere to go. I suggest you go back and read your own work. There was absolutely no analysis by you or any of the others - surely part of your role. You were all like barking dogs following the circus.

And gee Russell, far be it for me to beat my own drum but I also know you read Farrars’ blog and are therefore aware that whoar.co.nz was the only media outlet to call this as it was and how it panned out, from day bloody one.(with the exception of rightwing blogger Sir Humphrey’s who also called it; albeit in a less analytical, more scatological context/manner.

So, why no acknowledgment for Sir Humphrey and whoar.co.nz? Aren’t we meant to be setting new standards here Russell, us bloggers?

I reckon you’ve let the side down Russell…and done yourself and blogworld (which you champion?) no favours at the same time..

Why didn’t you have the testicular fortitude to admit, (albeit sheepishly), “We blew it.”?

Incidently, Perigo, another frother, was on Holmes last night, covering his arse, and nodding wisely after the event. Does anyone ever audit these people? [Adolf: Yes phil, as of this week, you and Sir Humps with their Media Bias Barometer and Bullshit Rating for journos].

The proof of my words can be found on this site (Perigo talks a crock; 5/4), (Tamihere apologises; yeah, right. 7/4), Tamihere will not resign, 11/4) but as I’ve noted previously the real story in this story is the subversion of political dialogue manifest in Tamihere controlling all content and line of questioning in his appearance on close-up. This with the apparent agreement of the show’s host and producers. This became evident when the host strayed from the pre-prepared script and Tamihire barked at him that he wasn’t allowed to ask any questions about that subject and that he (Tamihere) had a recording of the pre-show agreement on tape!

What the *^#> is/was that? OK, current affairs shows can pay for puff-pieces etc, but this subversion/distorting of the dialogue on the issue of the day is something else entirely, a whole new and disturbing ballgame. Did you miss that Russell? You just banged on about how emotional it all made you, watching that close-up interview…wtf?

This shocker was covered by whoar on 7/4 (the power has shifted)

Update: Sir Humphrey has covered the Close-Up shocker on his site - once again, are we the only ones who see in a nation of the blind?

Posted by Adolf Fiinkensein | 4/17/2005 01:48:00 pm


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