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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Lefties on The Pope

What’s got their panties in twist?
Chicherin, Foreign Minister of the USSR in 1924: 'We Communists feel pretty sure we can triumph over London capitalism but Rome will prove a harder nut to crack. If Rome did not exist, we would be able to deal with all the various brands of Christianity. They would all finally capitulate before us. Without Rome, religion would die... the result of the struggle... is uncertain.'
And now, all the world media is focusing on the immense number of people heading to Rome to pay respect to a Pope credited with bringing down the USSR. Even Prince Charles is delaying his wedding to attend. All that media attention, very bad, very, very bad. Surely the Catholic Church is irrelevant, isn't it???

Sam Smith: Media Objectivity Embalmed with Pope
An eight page slobbering special section in the NY Times, Cokie Roberts oozing from the Vatican, endless coverage on cable TV: not since the death of Ronald Reagan has the media so blatantly displayed its hypocritical indifference to objectivity when the occasion suits it. In fact, Pope John Paul II was part of a western shift to the right that accompanied the rise of Reagan and Thatcher that would undo much of the social progress of the 1960s and 1970s and greatly increase hatred of the west in the rest of the world.
John Minto (remember him?) has a letter in today’s Dominion Post:
When someone dies, it is usually courtesy to talk of their good work, and set aside other things. However, in the case of John Paul II, the eulogising is sickening in light of the wider picture.

He came to the role after the three previous popes – John XXIII, Paul VI and John Paul I – had moved the church to stand much closer to the poor and the oppressed, as had Jesus Christ himself.

Under their watch, “liberation theology” developed amoung the poverty stricken masses of South and Central America. The chruch provided as beacon of hope that their lives might be improved in their bleak world of poverty and injustice.

John Paul II set about to crush the movedment and largely succeeded. He withdrew all support for outspoken church leaders who urged a better deal for the poor and oppressed and brought the full weight of the church to campaign publicly against

The ripples were felt right through to the south pacific whter the Catholic Church in New Zealand moved quickly to emasculate its own outspoken and courageous Justice and Peace Commission.

This was not a pope for the poor and the oppressed but a pope for the corporate and the comfortable.
Not a happy chappy is John.

In grief, Brazil also remembers clashes with pope
But the pope was also instrumental in quashing the Marxist-tinged "liberation theology" of the 1970s and early 1980s that called on the church to defend the poor against repressive governments.
John Paul II Fanned Freedom’s Fire
Throughout his papacy, John Paul II preached eloquently on behalf of the poor and the dispossessed, particularly in the Third World. Yet he also saw more clearly than many during the 1970s and 1980s that the neo-Marxist "liberation theology" preached by some radicalized Catholic clergy, especially in Latin America, promised not deliverance but socialist despotism.

Posted by Lucia Maria | 4/06/2005 09:50:00 pm


Blogger Adolf Fiinkensein said...

It's moments like these, you DON'T need Mintos.

4/07/2005 08:50:00 am  
Blogger Lucyna said...


Seriously, though. The death of the Pope has changed something very significant in the world. There's a shift. People are going to be looking at what he's done and why, and the pieces are going to start falling into place.

John Minto, eat your heart out!

4/07/2005 10:21:00 am  
Blogger Antarctic Lemur said...

People thought the same thing after 9/11, but in reality a large group of people stayed in the past.

4/07/2005 10:46:00 am  
Blogger Lucyna said...

AL, not quite. A lot of people started moving out of the cities into the country side after 9/11. Expats moved back to their home countries. People's consciousness changed, the value of home, familily, security increased in importance.

I wouldn't be surprised if the younger you were at the time, the less it would affect you personally. When I was younger, I hardly noticed what went on around me.

4/07/2005 12:09:00 pm  
Blogger Antarctic Lemur said...

I disagree. Many people I've met here in NZ are completely clueless as to the important of the 'war against terror'/war against authoritarian Arab regimes.

Sad but true. Much of it is driven by pure anti-Americanism.

4/07/2005 01:19:00 pm  
Blogger Antarctic Lemur said...


4/07/2005 01:19:00 pm  

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