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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A Good Looking Sheila

I wonder if the retirement of Ms Coddington will do more damage to Act than at first might be obvious.. She has been high profile, outspoken, articulate and above all else she is pretty easy on the eye. In short, I wonder how many red blooded hetero Westies and few remaining Southern Men (they had to get an Aucklander for their ads, remember) might have given their party vote to Act on the strength of a 'good looking sheila?’ If Rodney Hide misses Epsom by 300 votes and Act achieves 4.8% in the party vote, will today’s youthful political historians write screeds about the new-found phenomenon of the “Glam Facter?” Just remember, Adolf got there first. (If this does happen, Act might regret their decision to throw so many rocks at National)

This is worthy of serious analysis. How do the parties shape up? Who are the Hollywoods and who are the Dogs? Or, in practical terms, who will do well on TV and who should stick to radio?

With one exception it’s difficult to find any Hollywoods among Labour. Of course the exception is the Founding Smarmer but all the rest would struggle although Economix and Filk might consider themselves to be starters. The Greens do a bit better with Genetix and the Kedglet but they are effectively neutralised by the pot smoker and the professional objector. The Dunny party? Hard to judge something which is unseen and of course Winston First is top of the class with the inimitable Taylor’s Dummy.

National does not shape up at all well, having relegated their best Good Looking Sheila to the back of the bus and replaced her with an eminent lady QC. (Who, I am delighted to see preselected. Thank goodness at last there will be some genuine experience in the key posts of Law and Finance)

I remember my father leaning on the sheep yard rail at culling time many years ago. Elections are very much like culling time. You throw out the males with less than two balls and you check the females' teeth, feet and tits. After that it gets subjective. In the summer heat we were looking over a mob of panting fat old Romney ewes, trying to figure out which ones to keep when Dad said “Look at that one. She’s got a kindly face, we’ll give her another year.”

On that basis Jordan, you just might have a show.

Posted by Adolf Fiinkensein | 4/19/2005 09:15:00 am


Blogger David Farrar said...

I think the most attractive MP is Heather Roy. A real nice person also.

My female friends all swoon over Simon Power.

4/19/2005 01:14:00 pm  
Anonymous Mike Readman said...

Yeah, that's ironic isn't a real nice person is an MP?

I think that might be a liability though, how can a real nice person take on Annette King and H1? I think you need some toughness in parliament.

4/20/2005 12:40:00 am  

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