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Friday, April 08, 2005

Feeding the Chooks

Note: This item was written by Adolf, but Blogger wouldn't let him post it using his login.

The Comedy from Canberra reminded me of two memorable conservative State Premiers from last Century. The double bangers Bolte and Bjielke.

Some years after he retired to the Bush, Victorian farmer Sir Henry Bolte was up in Melbourne for the Royal Show and the ABC (now there's a nest of virulent lefties if ever there was) sent one of it’s ponces along to get an interview. For starters, the ponce asked the Premier "And how are things in the Bush, Mr Premier?"

"Well son" said the Premier, "things are pretty crook actually. We're in the middle of a terrible drought, wool prices are the lowest they’ve been for ten years, the webworm outbreak has wiped out half the crops, and the banks are cutting back our overdrafts. But we can handle all of this adversity, son. So long as we haven't got a bloody Labor government in Canberra!"

I thought Sir Henry was one of "the great" Premiers. My memory is that he was widely respected by all sides of politics and I can't recall any whiff of scandal about his administration, unlike his Kiwi counterpart in Queensland.

Bjielke had a Minister of Police who gave "police career enhancement" lessons to Helen Clark. However, he had more style. More than rumour has it that one day a young motorbike copper clocked a white Ford Ltd, not far out of Brisbane, doing somewhere around Ms Clark’s speed and pulled the offender over. By the time the young copper had dismounted and removed his helmet and gloves, the offender had stepped out of the car and was leaning over the bonnet with a large map of the Gulf Country – that’s desolate far Northwest Queensland. It was Police Minister Russ Hinze. Built like Parekura or Marian, he beckoned the young copper over, pointed to the map and asked "Now tell me Sonny, where would you like to go to for the next ten years?"

Sir Jo Bjielke’s greatest contribution to political journalism was his accurate description of Prime Ministerial press conferences as "Feeding the Chooks".

Posted by Antarctic Lemur | 4/08/2005 09:09:00 pm