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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Another reporter caught fabricating stories

A Boston Globe reporter wrote this on Wednesday April 13th about the Canadian seal hunt:
Hunters on about 300 boats converged on ice floes, shooting harp seal cubs by the hundreds, as the ice and water turned red. Most of the seals were less than 6 weeks old.
But it turns out the start of the seal hunt was delayed until Friday April 15th due to bad weather. Freelance reporter Barbara Stewart, who previously worked 10 years for the NY Times, made the entire story up. The Boston Globe is owned by the New York Times Co.

I have copied the entire original April 13th story from Google's cache to a short blog called Boston Globe Seal Hunt. The original story has been deleted from the Globe's website, but you can search their site for retractions here.

Here's a quote from the Globe's foreign editor, as reported by Reuters:
Globe Foreign Editor James Smith said that the newspaper knew Stewart was not at the seal hunt and was doing her reporting from Halifax.

"What she told us -- and we did check during the day -- was that she had confirmed with one of the fishermen in the story that it was going ahead," Smith said, adding that in retrospect the paper should have worked harder to clarify this. "The point is, never assume," he told Reuters.
Thats right readers. Never assume that a reporter is telling the truth unless you see it corroborated by an independent source, especially when the subject is some ages-old liberal political issue embellished with emotive or highly visual language.

Story originally spotted on Tim Blairs blog.

Media Bullshit Rating (MBR): Force 10.

Posted by Antarctic Lemur | 4/17/2005 12:39:00 am