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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Quack quack, comrade

The leader of the Swedish Left party, formerly the Communist party, has finally decided to stop calling himself a communist. After months and months of refusing to relinquish the name, Lars Ohly has finally conceded. Why? No, not because he doesn't want to be a commie...
But now he is getting to grips with the matter - sort of. The problem is that he said he still "believes in the same ideals" as before, including the vision of a classless society.
It's mere window-dressing really,
In January the Left Party will hold its conference and far too many people - including its own supporters - believe that it is on the way back to the communism of the old days, says Ohly.
If it looks like a commie, walks like a commie and quacks like a commie, chances are it'll send you to the gulag.
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Posted by Chefen | 11/01/2005 02:50:00 AM


Blogger Theprophet said...

Just finished reading Pol Pots biography by Phillp Short.

Those Khymer Commies did the same thing.

Allah protect us.

11/02/2005 09:38:00 PM  

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