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Thursday, November 03, 2005

The great right-wing clone army

After arriving very late to the party (presumably he hadn't managed to view the relevant Daily Show, source of all news, until now), Russell of Borg jumps boots and all into the Wilkerson affair. The what affair? Wilkerson, a former staffer for Colin Powell has revealed that the cabal (aka cabinet) made up of the President and all his merry men actually sometimes ignore the wisdom of the State Department and CIA. It was all the buzz last week on the Borgian Blogs but has died out now. But bravely Wilkerson has soldiered on despite, according to 0-of-10,
Like Richard Clarke and the others, Wilkerson has already been character-assassinated by the faithful right-wing online clone army. Indeed, he will have known that would happen, which makes his decision to blow the whistle all the more notable.
As per usual, Russell of Borg has made it up, it seems. Take a tour round the right-wing clone army... no reference to Wilkerson on many. Not even the evil Glenn Reynolds mentions him! Powerline and LGF don't mention him! Those that do only give it brief consideration and no character assassination at all. It is so hard to get good clone-help these days, they just won't fall into line. Lucky the Borg collective is more disciplined when it comes to going off half-arsed.

Q and O have a round up of other Wilkerson comments, which paint a different picture. So his brave decision to blow the whistle, despite not being assassinated? Well, it did wonders for Joe Wilson's book so maybe he's looking for some of the action? Ohhh, did I just get added to the faithful clone army? But not content with that, 0-of-10 digs up another link (probably from wherever he got faithful right-wing clone army from)
Minneaopolis [sic] City Pages editor Steve Perry wonders whether the Fitzgerald inquiry might end up exposing more about the cabal.
Course it might, but it also might bring up uncomfortable questions that have been neglected, you know, like Sandy Berger's highly classified underpants, ignoring Able Danger, why the CIA is crap, ... There's a lot that might come out. But it is odd the Russell of Borg feels it necessary to add a little VRWC-brand spice to an otherwise unremarkable story. Maybe because it is unremarkable, if the bad clone blogs supposedly dissed the guy then it must be true? Coming next week in breaking news, Alito is a conservative (this was on the Daily Show a couple days ago, so watch this space!), that crazy Iranian president and his little jokes about genocide, and ongoing riots in Paris.

Posted by Chefen | 11/03/2005 10:46:00 pm