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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

They're watching you

If you think throwing that piece of paper away is destroying evidence, think again.

The pages coming out of your color printer may contain hidden information that could be used to track you down if you ever cross the U.S. government.
Yesterday, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a San Francisco consumer privacy group, said it had cracked the code used in a widely used line of Xerox printers, an invisible bar code of sorts that contains the serial number of the printer as well as the date and time a document was printed.
You can read more about the EFF here.

Do you think this is another deluded VRWC?
The U.S. Secret Service acknowledged yesterday that the markings, which are not visible to the human eye, are there, but it played down the use for invading privacy.
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Posted by Gooner | 10/25/2005 10:15:00 pm


Blogger Sean said...

Clever - but no suprise. I heard that laser printer manufacturers were putting the equivalent of a 'security tag' inside their wares in the '80s - and this proved useful during the first Gulf war. I wouldn't be suprised to hear that video camera manufacturers have been including GPS systems into some of their wares - which might explain OBL's reluctance to release regular diatribes...

10/26/2005 03:39:00 pm  

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