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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Stockholm Syndrome

Cool, the meeting I am at has wireless. Can read the usual favourites between downtime in the sessions. It was my first actual national flight in Sweden to get to Stockholm. The airport companies have found a pleasant way to do the security checks. Rather than a burly chap with a scanning wand giving you a frisk, backed up by another burly guy with a gun, here they have two attractive young lasses doing it. Amazingly an awful lot of keys and wallets were somehow left in pockets going through the metal detectors. SAS now makes you pay for any inflight snacks, but it is only 50 mins from Gothenburg to Stockholm so not paying 40 kronor (about $8) for a cup of coffee and a sandwich was no great loss. As in every city the cabbies are foreign. In Stockholm they are apparently mostly Syrian. My chap was a bit at a loss to find my hotel so spent much of the trip driving down the dashed lines of the motorway at 140kph while fiddling with his GPS navigator. He asked me half way there if I would pay cash or card. I said card. He asked if I had cash, because he preferred that. "I'm sure you do buddy, but I've only got a 100 kronor note so here is my mastercard. Don't worry you'll still get a tip." He seemed to be happy enough. The conversation was a curious mix of Swedish and English as conversation between two utter foreigners here is. In and around Gothenburg all the motorways and major roads have ten foot fences to keep moose and deer off, in Stockholm they had some small fences and some signs. I'm guessing we get more moose on the west coast, at least judging by the way my cabby regarded the possibility of colliding with a tonne of moose at 140kph. Moose were designed to kill drivers, with a huge mass of muscle and bone propped at windshield height on four thin legs. Almost guaranteed death or serious injury in a collision at motorway speed. Moose hunting season has just started, which means more moose on the road as those who have learnt to avoid the roads are killed first and the younger ones stray further out of the forests.

Ah back to business...

Posted by Chefen | 10/18/2005 04:09:00 AM