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Sunday, October 23, 2005


Labour is back in for Term 3. Hopefully, its the last semester. The usual suspects are still in school, although a few of the gang have graduated and gone out into the world to look for a real job.

Cullen handed in an essay back in 2000 (yes, he's had to repeat Econ 101 6 years in a row. Give him a break, Form 3 was the hardest 6 years of his life). His essay was "If I was the Finance Minister of NZ I'd reduce the company tax rate in the event the Government made a surplus". [Virtual Chocolate Fish if some-one finds the quote for me] He got full marks for that, but never actually turned up for the lab work, so it all remained theoretical. Thus he was marked "fail". Under NCEA that's probably "Fail, with Distinction", but I haven't done the 3 year NCEA bullshit course.

So now, one of the School Board members, Mr Reserve, wants to raise school fees (interest rates) to curb the frivolous spending on items such as school lunches, sports equipment, school buses and stationery.

As wise as Mr Reserve is, I'm not sure this is going to have the desired effect. The problem is that many of the parents pre-paid all the school fees. They signed the form that said they could buy pies all year for a fixed price. Diddling with the lunch money is only going to hurt the pie shop, who sells not only to the school, but exports pies all over the civilised world.

Some students are already bringing in pre-made lunches. Ones made in NZ. With fair dinkum NZ food. (I'm using fair dinkum as much as possible because rumour has it we will soon be directed to use only NZ made slang.)

Meanwhile, the school is going to introduce a new course at the start of the term. SNAFU 101. It leads on to FUBAR 203. I have a feeling Cullen and Clark will be taking home first class honours. They'll finally graduate, and job offers from the real world will come flooding in. For some strange reason, all offers will be from overseas. So we are not just losing our best and brightest any more. That in in itself should be a warning to Mr Reserve, but all he can do is fiddle the pie money and watch it all turn to custard.

There is good news. The parents are taking a bigger interest in the school curriculum. With NCEA a debacle, new courses are being evaluated. Some lessons may well be nicked from European schools, who have had great success with "Flat Tax 304" and "Lower Taxes 203".

If the students mobilise, they could kick Helen Clark off the Student Union. Maybe we'll get Principal Brash in, and the new Econ teacher might be Mr Key. And who would be my pick for the school board? Well Mr Hide and Dr Scott have impeccable credentials. I wonder what they would do, that Mr Reserve cannot?

Well, here's what my homework suggests:

1. Keep the interest rates the same.
2. Lower the business tax rate to 28% wef 1 April 2006
3. Bring forward the Labour income tax threshold adjustments to wef 1 April 2006
4. Drop Kyoto
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Posted by ZenTiger | 10/23/2005 10:50:00 AM