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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Public Education: Like a Big Green Cardigan for Christmas

The Yobbo in Australia looks at the implications of a sort of Christmas for Families package:
Imagine for a moment that instead of having Christmas presents given to you by your family and friends, all presents were picked out and distributed by a government committee.

What do you think your chances of getting the gift you really wanted would be like?

How could the government possibly know exactly what you wanted? They’ve never spoken to you, don’t know what kind of toys you like, and probably don’t even know what sized clothes you wear.

So when they just give up and manufacture and send everyone in Australia an XL sized green cardigan, I’m sure everyone would agree that it was the Worst. Christmas. Ever.

How about just a card with a $100 note slipped inside, so you could have bought whatever it was you really wanted?

Even the desperately poor would rather have the $100 than the green cardigan, because they might really need something else a lot more.

It may happen that the kid really needs a new pair of shoes, which they could purchase with the $100. The rich kids would be happy with their new Playstation PSP, which the $100 had gone towards purchasing. And if you actually really did need a green cardigan, size XL, then it’s simple enough to go and buy it anyway.

So if we don’t want the government to provide us with Christmas presents, then why do we want them to provide us with other things, like Education?

The government doesn’t know what kind of education you want for you or your kids. You might want them to go to a school that teaches religious values as well as the standard curriculum, or to one that concentrates purely on obtaining the highest tertiary entrance scores. You might even want to send your kid to a school that empahises vocational skills or has a really good cricket program.

Wouldn’t it be better for the government to just abandon the public education system and instead send parents the money to spend on the exact kind of education they want for their kids?

Or is it really just the thought that counts?
Of course, you do have choice, if you're happy to pay tax for other people's kids' education, AND private school fees for your own kids AND GST on top of that.

But best not worry: If that sounds like a burden then Labour thinks you're too stupid to have choice. Just carry on as normal and do as you're told.
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Posted by RightWingDeathBeast | 10/12/2005 06:21:00 PM


Blogger Gooner said...

With daughter almost 5 now I am much more stressed about her going to school owned by Helen. As soon as we can afford it it's private school for her.

10/12/2005 09:52:00 PM  

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