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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Eurosceptics benefit Swedish opposition, deputy PM "is not a crook"

The gap between support for the old school Social Dems and the dreadful tax cutting liberal alliance in Sweden is still growing
The four parties in the liberal-conservative alliance were supported by 50.9 percent of those questioned, while 42.6 percent said they would vote for the Social Democrats, Greens or Left Party. This gives the Alliance a lead of 8.3 percentage points.
This could have something to do with the entry of yet another party on the domestic scene, as if there is any room left.
An opinion poll published on Friday shows that the anti-establishment Eurosceptic June List would win seats in the Swedish parliament if an election were held today.
The June List (not sure where the name came from) contested the elections for European representatives last year, they are firmly against an expanded EU and are drawing support from a sizable part of the electorate who share the same view. Since this is by far a more "left" issue they appear to be draining support from centrist Social Democrats, just as the Feminist Initiative has ended up doing for the leftist fringe. The June List also provides a more palatable alternative for those who vote Green and Left for the anti-euro reason but would rather vote for someone else.
The June List had the support 4.5 percent of voters according to Temo, which interviewed 2,489 people from 11th - 29th October.
The threshold here, in an MMP style system, is 4%. The Social Dems could also be losing a bit of support because the deputy PM is mired in a scandal about when he was board chairman of a football club and it turns out the coach was paid 50000Kr a month but only 18000Kr was declared to the tax department. He was minister of finance at the time. If there is any crime more heinous than "black work", the term here for "under the table", then I haven't seen it. He is currently busy saying that as chairman of the club board he saw nothing about any contract for the coach, doesn't remember such things, etc etc. Nice look for an ex-finance minister and current deputy PM don't you think? Maybe Helen can find him a job with her at the UN when they both leave national politics. About the only thing bugging the opposition alliance is a fight over free kindy for three year olds... which people don't seem to be too interested in for some odd reason.

What is also interesting is the hit the Feminist Initiative has taken
Other parties together had support from only 1.5 percent of voters. Among these were the Feminist Initiative, the far-right Sweden Democrats and the Healthcare Party, all with very low support.
They're stuck down there with a single issue party and a bunch of neo-Nazis, a bit of a comedown from the blazing launch a few months ago.

What I do notice quite a lot, in relation to NZ, is the weak effect of the Green party. The issues don't seem to be playing for them, they appear to be slipping out of influence as they did in Germany and are noted to be doing elsewhere.

Posted by Chefen | 10/29/2005 08:17:00 AM