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Thursday, October 27, 2005

EU Tells Poland to Behave

The EU is going to be watching Poland's treatment of it's gay and lesbian population very carefully. The new Polish President, Lech Kaczynski has banned a gay pride parade two years in a row, and is looking to reintroduce the death penalty - this has put the EU on notice.
Under Article 7 of the Treaty, a country that violates human rights – as defined by the EU – can be deprived of voting rights. “We are going to follow the situation very attentively,” said Jonathan Todd, the principal EU spokesman Sunday.
Talk about waving a red handkerchief. I haven't posted about the election results because what heard from Kaczynski reminds me of the pre-WW2 Poland. Hard-headed, non-compromising, stuff what you think, I'm going to be honourable even if you don't even know what the word means. Ah, yes, some concern from European papers.

This is going to be interesting.
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Posted by Lucia Maria | 10/27/2005 08:44:00 PM