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Friday, October 21, 2005

Affirmative action or racial discrimination?

A Washington court has decided that public schools in Washington can use race as a consideration to help balance student composition in oversubscribed schools.
"It is true that for some students their first choice of school, based on geographical proximity, will be denied because other students' choices are granted in order to advance the overall interest in maintaining racially diverse school enrollments," a judge wrote for the majority.
But "the district's compelling interest is to avoid the harms of racial isolation for all students in the Seattle school district".
I'm not sure what Judge Carlos Bea meant when he opined
"The district's use of the racial tiebreaker to achieve racial balance in its high schools infringes upon each student's right to equal protection and tramples upon the unique and valuable nature of each individual".
What does he mean that the decision tramples on the unique and valuable nature of each individual? What are these unique and valuable natures? Can the Judge define them? The schools decide they want coloured, black, asian or european students in their schools at the expense of other, perhaps local and racial apposite, students. Choice is good. Isn't it? Why shouldn't schools be able to make their decisions purely on race. Or for that matter, on anything they want? And how does it do the following Judge Bea?
"Even if well-intentioned, the district's use of racial classifications in such a stark and compulsory fashion risks perpetuating the same racial divisions which have plagued this country since its founding."
And why shouldn't this guy be able to choose his tenants? At the end of the day he could quite easily turn Maoris down as tenants and give some spurious, untrue reason with no mention of race. How would they know? They wouldn't. Unless he was honest which is the only reason he is in trouble here.
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