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Friday, September 09, 2005

First Sensible Commentary

The first sensible and measured commentary on the brochure beat up can be found in this morning's Herald.

The guts of it folks, is that Labour and Greens are shitting themselves that the religious right somehow is going to roll them out of government, just like they thought they did in the US and Australia. What is amusing about this is that in fact, after close examination of facts rather than loony left fantasies from both countries, the religious right had little significant effect on the vote. Without their votes, both Bush and Howard would have won and they did.

The second most prescient point made by the herald is that Don Brash did not commit any foul heinous crime other that to be punctilious in his public comments and to show himself as a poor manager of the media. Fortunately, ordinary commonsense voters will draw the same conclusion. Further, they will be impressed with Dr Brash's cool professional debate performance in the midst of all the cacophony. That's what they want in a PM, not the loudest shouter of the grossest slander.

For those who wish to portray Dr brash as a liar, I refer them to a recent summary of Helen Clark's machiavellian removal of Police Commissioner Doone and his replacement with the ever compliant Robinson, her lies about the motercade, her lies about the painting, her lies about who delayed the plane, her lies about student loan interest costs et cetera et cetera.

The fact is, on the evidence of many years, from any angle she's liarbull to lie. .
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Posted by Adolf Fiinkensein | 9/09/2005 08:04:00 am