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Friday, August 19, 2005

NZPA publishes biased garbage posing as assessment of tax policies

Was browsing through this NZPA report supposedly assessing each party's tax policy when I noticed at least two big problems (I'm ignoring its ridiculous future-prediction-posing-as-analysis, which is the area of fiction not news).

1) NZPA has Act's tax policy completely wrong:
ACT's ambitious tax policy would see a flat income and company tax rate of 19.5 per cent. This has been estimated to reduce the tax take by $6.3 billion. The party estimates this will give someone on $40,000 a year $36 a week; $50,000, $51.35; $70,000, $93 a week and on $100,000, $174 a week.
Act's 2005 policy is a two-tier system of 15% and 25% income tax, and a flat 25% company tax rate. See here.

2) National has not yet released its tax policy.

What credible news organisation would release an assessment of tax policies before the 2nd largest party has released its policy?

And the title of this work of fiction is "National's tax policy could get the geese hissing". So based on the author's fictional assessment of National's not-yet-released tax policy, the 'geese' (bitchy taxpayers?) will hiss. Way to go NZPA.

  • NZPA now has zero credibility
  • The author byline says 'Ian Llewellyn', but it should really say 'Office of the Prime Minister'

Posted by Antarctic Lemur | 8/19/2005 03:40:00 PM