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Monday, June 06, 2005

Why France is Loved and Respected

It seems the resounding vote against an EU constitution is having more effects than bargained for by some. British PM Blair is said to have given up the ghost - "Africa is worth fighting for, Europe is not." Now there's a real flipper for you. With such an example as this you can easily see Dominatrix returning home and ordering the Cullender to immediately announce $6 bil worth of tax cuts by Easter with the double the money personally guaranteed for those who can prove they voted Labour.

However the French take the cake. (or is it the twice cooked?) Apparently French officials and polies are making serious noises about abandoning the Euro reinstating the Franc. The rest of Europe must be wondering why they were stupid enough to have forgotten the last hunded years of history in which France demonstrated its reliability, loyalty and ability to stick with the game through thick and thin. (Once again Britich citizens will be permitted to spend a penny instead of Euronating.)

Powerline summed it up quite well.

'When American corporations have lost their way and can't figure out how to improve their market position, a common "solution" is to merge with another similarly befuddled company. This allows both companies to "grow," and permits executives to put off hard decisions for years amid talk of "synergy" and restructuring. I think a similar phenomenon has been at work in Europe, where merger via the EU has been seen as a solution to all sorts of problems that Europe's peoples and politicians lack the will to address in a more meaningful way.'

All they had to do was ask the Yanks. Oh well, they can all go back to their Arabic lessons and swatting up of Le Koran.

Posted by Adolf Fiinkensein | 6/06/2005 08:29:00 am