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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Russia 24 Hours a Day

The Russian Kremlin is launching 24 hour English language news service to put out positive news on Russia to the Western world. The view of Mosnews is no way will Westerners believe anything positive coming out of the news service, ie: we're not that stupid. Or so they think.

Well in light of Marx and Lenin begin taught in NZ high school history, some of what they used to do must have worked. Note the bit on educating us on Marx and Lenin.

New TV Channel to Paint Rosy Picture of Putin’s Russia
The Kremlin has once again startled Russia’s media with the announcement that it will launch Russia Today, an English-language global TV channel aiming to improve Russia’s tarnished image abroad. Scheduled to start broadcasting 24 hours a day in September, the endeavor smacks of Soviet-style propaganda campaigns, say commentators like Andrei Kolesnikov. Does the Kremlin actually think people abroad are going to believe the spin?

The worse off things are in the country, the more money floods into budgets putting a favorable spin on the government. Government spin-doctors found that they have too few Russian viewers, and so they decided to seek an audience beyond Russia’s borders, launching the Russia Today television channel. Although its mission — cleaning up Russia’s blemished image — is not an easy one, it has a rich tradition: take the fact that the staff will be housed in the same building that once took an active part in educating friendly and unfriendly nations in the teachings of Marx and Lenin. But did it help the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics?


It’s hard to imagine, after all, the consumer of an entirely virtual project that propagandizes something that no one in the English-speaking world believes in: a bright, vegetarian Russia!


The government has come to believe in the magical power of the spoken word on television, because in the last year it has grown accustomed to ruling the country, forming public opinion and winning the elections primarily by virtue of the blue screen. (In this context, it is telling that funds are being fueled not into radio, but into television.)

Posted by Lucia Maria | 6/11/2005 06:15:00 pm