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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Oh, and the Chinese stealthy catamaran

They've built at least three of these in the last year: The only other countries I can think of which went from crap military hardware to this good in a short period of time were pre-WW2 Germany and Japan.

Posted by Antarctic Lemur | 6/30/2005 10:40:00 am


Blogger Keith said...

China isn't engaged on a massive military modernisation and expansion because they feel threatened by anybody.
Thy're determined to join--and dominate-- the developed world and this stuff is primarily to win and protect their sources of oil. I think they can see very clearly that sooner or later the competition for oil and gas is going to develop into a shooting war.

6/30/2005 07:23:00 pm  
Blogger reid said...

Yeah I agree Keith but I think it's not just about oil although the struggle for supply contracts with the producing countries is what's most visible at present.

It was the US with their PNAC circa 2000 who exacerbated the current aggression by saying that the US was the sole superpower and was not going to tolerate any other pretender.

Prior to that someone in the US was interested in building China's strength with various technology transfers during Clinton's regime. The ones I have heard about are: the legacy codes; ballistics and metallurgy for MIRVs; an entire armament factory packed up from the US and shipped East (can't recall what it was); and of course the spyplane that went down but who knows what was behind that.

Anyway, the legacy codes (mathematical models of every explosion back to Trinity), gave the Chinese the neutron bomb. The MIRV technology stopped their warheads disintegrating on re-entry.

That's just what I read in MSM, so who knows what else happened?

So in my view, in the 90's China was being strengthened by black hands operating in the US. When Bush came in, his neocon wing activated the PNAC. There is now a new NSS which has superceded the PNAC, but the residual effects of that we are still seeing now.

It all adds up to a fight at some point in time. China has a lot of US T-bills, combine with Japan, who is China's ally (don't be fooled by appearances to the contrary), and that constitutes an enormous amount. Watch them use that at the right time.

6/30/2005 08:01:00 pm  
Blogger Keith said...

Most of that I agree with reid, with the proviso that these things are always a lot murkier than we can even guess.
Whatever the history, I think there's no doubt at all that China is going to become a major military player and fairly soon. (maybe ten years or even less)The big worry for Australia is that should China's major sealane for tanker supply be blocked in the event of hostilities the only alternative is via the Torres Straits. Which gives China a real incentive to form some kind of alliance with Indonesia.
It'd be a nightmare.

6/30/2005 08:56:00 pm  

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