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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Linda Clark's interviews this morning relating to Benson-Pope

Berend has kindly recorded Linda Clark's interviews this morning on Abu Pope. His comments:
Not the bomb shell as the first one, but basically she talks to the guy from Perth. She also talks to a guy who fondly remembers Benson-Pope, also sounds sincere. But this is the red-herring (which we will hear from a lot more): no one is denying he was a good teacher, that he could be friendly, etc. And remember, bullies can only bully if they have the majority on their side.

No, the whole point is that this minister cannot figurehead an anti-bullying campaign if he was a bully. And he most definitely overstepped the boundaries of his authority as a teacher (as more people in this government have problems with boundaries). And now he lied about it in parliament.

She also talks to the school, but they don’t sound very convincing. They even want to be on the record they support his policies! What NCEA debacle? What NCEA is fatally flawed?

Anyway, get ready for an endless parade of people who will remember Benson-Pope as the greatest man on earth, their most beloved teacher, their inspiration, and saviour.
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Posted by Antarctic Lemur | 5/17/2005 11:54:00 am


Blogger ZenTiger said...

Graham Capill was *such* a nice man. I cannot for one moment believe he could be a child molester. It comes as a complete shock to me. He always seemed so against it. Maybe he's been framed.

Benson-Pope was *such* a nice man, and a positive role model for many people. It comes as a complete shock to me. I am sure it was an isolated one-off incident. And everyone did this sort of thing didn't they? It was 20 years ago after all. Let the man have his peace. I am sure he wouldn't do that sort of thing now.

On the other hand, the abused students may not have gone on radio, declaring the main reason they are speaking up is the fact that BP didn't own up to it.

I'd have a lot more respect for him if he said he regretted that incident and apologised. "Its haunted him. He learned from it."

No, he denied it categorically and the Labour spin machine is doing the standard rapist defence: "the victim is a liar, slut, dressed for it, asked for it, was too cheeky" line.

That action/reaction to the abuse shows a complete inability to face up to what he did was wrong. Caning was acceptable practice, abuse never was.

The public can tell the difference between a disciplinary whack and taping hands to a desk and stuffing a tennis ball in a kids mouth.

I've had a teacher like that before. I'm glad to say, he was in the vast minority of all of the teachers I had. However, the system allowed him to determine the degree of punishment.

Another school I went to (years earlier than his time) forbade the teacher from administering punishment, and insisted the student was sent to the principals office, so the punishment could be judged and meted out by another person not emotionally involved in the situation. Same principle of the justice system.

This is what you get when your rules are not founded on principle. Abu-Pope has been found lacking in this subject, and does not deserve the position the Labour Party has entrusted him to.

He will be unable to formulate sound policy in this area until he can see what he has done wrong.

5/17/2005 12:31:00 pm  

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