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Monday, May 02, 2005

Blogging around

Some blogs recently added to our blogroll:
A View From The Shadows, written by Gina in Wellington
KiwiJewPundit - don't think I've given this one a plug before
Rest Area 300m, which isn't really a political blog and isn't really right-of-centre either, but interesting to read.
SageNZ - Phil Sage is back
A Chapter A Day - Christian blog, maybe we should start a religious category?

And it looks like GoNZo Freakpower has called it quits.

Also a mention of Tim Selwyn of Tumeke who recently compared (read all the comments) Jordanian terrorist Al-Zarqawi to Dr Evil, George Bush to Beeblebrox (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy character with two heads), and the US invasion of Iraq to the Nazi invasion, rape, and pillage of Poland (which need I say it included murdering most Polish Jews). We don't have a category for Tim yet. Maybe he should be in one of his own. I'm sure his most recent stupid statement about Poland will have pissed off Lucyna, and offended anyone else who knows anything about Nazi history. He also has a comment on his own blog where he uses disgusting language to describe the Sir Humphrey's authors. Charming. The only person banned from SH used that language in a comment here. Keep it on your own blog Tim. Heated language is one thing, foul sexual descriptions are another entirely.

On a similar note, Lyndon Hood of Sensitive Flowers has posted a response to my post of several days ago. Also see Peter Cresswell's post on the same topic. Lyndon Hood cared so much about Sir Humphrey's he apparently downloaded HTML copies of my post and Adolf's types of media bias post onto his Macintosh (or Safari has shocking security flaws). Safari must pre-fetch links from locally-stored HTML pages, because surely thats the only way such information could turn up in our Statcounter logs (maybe Bernard or Aaron could help me out with that?). Whatever the reason, I'll have to be careful when I use Safari from now on.

Also a note to the Frogs, Span, Greg et al: we will have the left-of-centre blogs up in their own section soon, and I'll link the more interesting ones in a post like this.

UPDATE @ 2:35am: Tim Selwyn is apparently the guy who put an axe through Helen Clark's electorate office window. Here's DPF's post on the matter, with our own Adolf and regular commenter Reid appearing in the comments! Selwyn will apparently be tried in May for his 'seditious' attack on Clark's office. Maybe his upcoming court appearance is making him a little tense.

Posted by Antarctic Lemur | 5/02/2005 12:21:00 AM


Blogger Lyndon said...

I'll take your word for it. I don't quite recall everything I did and didn't download or for that matter what browser I was using (Mostly I'm in Firefox but Safari is still set up as the default browser).

Only - I know you had a reason and the point is taken, but I don't appreciate having stuff collected from your logs published beside my name.

I promise I've no mind to sue you, and this probably isn't covered by the Privacy Act anyway. But it's a bit like web-defamation: do you want to be the test case?

Of course, now you are allowed to say I was obviously mooching around you blog looking to see if I'd raised a reaction.

Nice doing business with you,


5/02/2005 07:55:00 PM  

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