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Monday, April 04, 2005

Tamihere's revenge Part II


Older Part I items (up to 4:30pm April 4th) here.

UPDATE 4:35pm: Brownlee claims Tamihere interview part of strategy of moving Labour to the right.

UPDATE 4:40pm: Hide's press release of 3pm points out Tamihere's description of Cullen's legislation strategy to Labours coalition partners:

"I have also written to Mr Dunne and Mr Anderton following John Tamihere claiming the following:

`[W]e wouldn't survive without Cullen - he can cut a deal on a piece of legislation, he can change a single word in a piece of legislation without those other b.....ds [coalition partners] knowing about it, and it melts down everything they wanted but they still think they got their clause in. The pressure they bring to bear on individuals... Close to fisticuffs!'

"I put this question to each of them: Is that your understanding of how the agreement between your party and Labour works - or is Tamihere correct and you don't even realise?

UPDATE 5:08PM: Hide has more of Tamihere's comments from a copy of Investigate:

On the media: “They’re utterly and totally useless. And sycophantic.”

On his life if he had stayed out of politics: “I’d be a very wealthy man by now if I’d stayed down the road at the Waipariera Trust, but for all the wrong reasons.”

On Helen Clark’s Principal Private Secretary Heather Simpson: “She’s dangerous, a very dangerous woman.”
UPDATE 5:30PM: Hide says Clark has offered Tamihere take a 'one week holiday' to cool down. Gee, I guess Tamihere has substantial power behind him then. Otherwise he'd be asked to resign from Labour.

Posted by Antarctic Lemur | 4/04/2005 04:38:00 PM