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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Question Time

Contributions from readers for this week's question time are sought by way of comments. A few starters herewith.
  • To the Prime Minister. Can the Prime Minister advise which butch, queer, smarmy, word weaselling conscientious and hard working member of the Labour caucus she expects to explode his or her way out of the Labour Party next?
  • To the Prime Minister. In hindsight, does the Prime Minister feel that it would have been a good thing to have put up the Hon John Tamihere for Speaker of the House where she could keep an eye one him at all times?
  • To the Minister of Police. Can the Minister advise the House if he has written to the Hon John Tamihere to thank him for a desperately needed holiday?
  • To the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Can the Minister confirm that the Prime Minister has instructed him to offer to their good friends in the Palestinian Authority the hitherto hidden negotiating talents of the Hon Michael Cullen for use in it’s current round of negotiations with Israel?
  • Supplementary question. Why were his talents not offered to Israel?
  • To the Minister of Finance. Can the Minister advise the house which clause, in which piece of legislation negotiated in good faith with coalition partners and then discreetly changed, represents his finest hour?
  • To the Ministers for the Greens and the Dunny party. Can the Ministers confirm they have confidence in the ethical behaviour of the Hon Michael Cullen?
  • Supplementary question. Have they carefully re-examined all legislation previously agreed with the Hon Michael Cullen and can they advise the house which clauses have been fiddled and which clauses they will now seek to repeal?

Posted by Adolf Fiinkensein | 4/05/2005 08:20:00 AM