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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Desperate Stuff

Subtitle: Heed not what they say, watch well what they do.

0715 Sunday and back from another 5 km of Rangitoto sunrise. Every time I see Rangitoto I think of Marion – that’s for you DPF - and Parekura. Here in Auckland they are known as the Great Rangitoto because they look the same from all directions. (For the culturally illiterate, that’s a take on Great Rangitira.)

This morning I couldn’t stop laughing. RLWNews has pushed the Pope’s lingering death behind the newly trumpeted frontline story of Labour’s latest secret weapon. Labour is to target Maori voters living in Australia. Someone had better tell Dominatrix and Merlin Williams that they are too late. The Maoris in Oz have already voted – for Howard! They voted with their feet when they left Helen’s utopia behind and they voted with their ballots when they resoundingly returned Johnnie Howard to office, against the predictions of her beloved polls.

Both the irony and hypocrisy in this move are breathtaking. Having completely alienated the local Maori vote by gratuitously insulting the 20,000 strong hikoi, Helen (I’d rather talk to a sheep) Clark now rushes off to import the dear departed in the vain hope they will help her thwart the will of those who genuinely live here. Great subliminal message there, Mike. No doubt Labour will find a way for the tax payer to fund the airfares and accommodation for these fleeting election day visits. Will they find a way also for deceased party members to vote?

How many times since Little Donny’s first Orewa speech have you heard that malodorous Malardorous proclaim “Labour has rooted out all race based policies?” So why are Labour targeting only Maori voters from Australia? Do they think the Kiwi honkies in Os won’t vote for them? At least on that score they’d be right.

If this is the renowned Labour strategy machine at work then the game is over before the election date even is announced. Mike Williams should study the life and times of the great Werhmacht general Model, particularly the way he took responsibility for the Battle of the Bulge. (During the retreat he quietly walked into the forest and shot himself. None of the surviving troops turned to investigate when they heard the shot.)

Now I am ready to take bets on a Labour defeat.

Come on all you Lefties, get in while the going’s good. There will be up to 24 wagers taken. If Labour wins I will give you a bottle of average quality Grenache, grown on Riverina mud and harvested yesterday. When Labour loses you will give me a bottle of Penfolds Bin 389, vintage 1996.

AF is a paid up but inactive member of the National Party. He could no more vote labour than suck on a cake of carbolic soap. His antecedents go back through Ngati Whanaungu and Ngati Paoa to a chap by the name of Te Ika o te Waruki and he has affinity with Ngati Hine. Other antecedents include General Sir Duncan Cameron so AF reasonably can take the piss out of everyone except Asians who, being inscrutable, have no sense of humour.

Posted by Adolf Fiinkensein | 4/03/2005 09:04:00 AM