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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Corruption in Canada

There is a growing scandal involving Canada's ruling Liberal Party. The rumours are it will take down the present socialist Government and force a snap election. Prime Minister Paul Martin appointed a judge called Gomery to investigate the scandals, but the Canadian Government has placed some sort of gag order on the proceedings so no major media outfit has yet published details. But according to the rumours, the gag order will soon be ignored because the corruption extends to the very top of power.

Small Dead Animals has collected some interesting links, and Captain's Quarters Blog has a much longer post outlining the inquiry so far.

Canadian Mark Steyn published a vaguely related column back in February on the power behind the Canadian Government.

Posted by Antarctic Lemur | 4/03/2005 04:31:00 PM


Blogger Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Should be quite helpful to have this "mirror image of Labour" story running during the campaign. Just watch and see how our dutiful MSM manage to sideline it.

4/04/2005 09:00:00 AM  
Blogger Antarctic Lemur said...

Fortunately our opposition has far more spine than Canada's, and we don't have a bunch of socialist French descendants permanently voting for the same corrupt party.

4/04/2005 09:29:00 AM  

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