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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Lets Fly a Kite or two

When I first heard Tariana Turia I dismissed her as just another loud mouthed, fat arsed, radical bitch who was a bit too big for her boots. I think I might have been a little unkind as she has turned out to be an astute player of the political game. One of the few people who has stood up to and beaten Dominatrix in a stoush. She can hold her head high. Dr Pita Sharples is a person who appears to me to be less radical but one who has served Maori people diligently and well over many years and in many ways. For example, when Sky City was being built he made sure effective work training programmes were on hand to equip young Maori people for employment when the place opened. In other words, he made sure his people had work.

In short, I think this new Maori Party will have significant long term and wide spread support, long after the initial zest of the Foreskins and Seaweed issue has worn off.

Which brings me to my kite flying point. It seems to me a coalition of Maori Party, Act Party and National Party would by a mighty fine thing for Outer Rower. The Maori Party fills the void in National which currently has little Maori representation, Act provides policy rigour in matters fiscal and National brings its empathy with productive middle NZ, without which no one will win power, no matter what MMP spits out.. I think Maoridom would do much better under such an arrangement than by getting into bed with the Tailor's Dummy and his band of ratbags.

Like it or not, the vast majority of Outer Rowans vote either for Labour or National and people are afraid of radical change. So maybe a move from the present appalling dishonest and incompetent rabble (Labour, the Dunny party, Greens and Handy Andy, abetted by the TD) to a genuine coalition of wide ranging interest groups, unhindered by the current lot's odour of fiscal and moral turpitude, might be seen by the masses to be pretty attractive and far more in tune with the real interests and aspirations of ordinary, hard working, mainstream Outer Rower.

I'm nearly ready to take bets on a Labour defeat.

AF is a paid up but inactive member of the National Party. He could no more vote labour than suck on a cake of carbolic soap. His antecedents go back through Ngati Whanaungu and Ngati Paoa to a chap by the name of Te Ika o te Waruki and he has affinity with Ngati Hine. Other antecedents include General Sir Duncan Cameron so AF reasonably can take the piss out of everyone except Asians who, being inscrutable, have no senses of humour.

Posted by Adolf Fiinkensein | 3/31/2005 09:21:00 AM


Blogger Antarctic Lemur said...

We need to run a list of Adolfisms. Tailor's Dummy for starters.

3/31/2005 06:02:00 PM  

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